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Waffle Bar?

Duke´s Waffles strive to elevate the waffle experience to its top shelf. With hundreds hours spend on developing unique waffles so that every single waffle would find its way to Duke´s menu. 

Our restaurant will be located in the heart of great cities

New York, USA. Opening in Nov 2021

Los Angeles, USA. Opening in Feb 2022

London, Uk. Opening in Nov 2021

Copenhagen, Denmark. Opening in Oct 2021

Stockhom, Sweden. Opening in Nov 2021

Oslo, Norway. Opening in Oct 2021

Become a waffle fan at Duke´s.

If you’re a waffle fan (which we hope you are, because they’re amazing) then you will know that waffles are hands down the best dessert ever in the whole history of food.

Waffles are fluffy, filling and are safe to be consumed whilst running for the bus in the morning.

They are simple, yet delightful, and if you had to choose one type of food to eat for the rest of your life…well obviously it would be waffles.

Lorenzo Chiesa

American/Italian and Belgium waffle lover. My roll at Duke´s Waffles is contributing the best experiance and great waffles .

Marco Bartoli

I´m in love with great food,

making deliciuos food is my number one passion.

Duke´s Waffles gives a change to have fun and becoming innovative.

Sergio Fabriizio

Sergio is Spanish by birth,

New Yorker by blod and waffle lover by heart. Working at Duke´s is dream come true.

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